Changes in the garden (Plant identification)

After a week of hard work removing 10 large hedge plants, that towered up garden221011to 5 metres high and over two metres thick, it was time to replant.The flowerbed is south west facing so gets full sun, but the plants do get some protection from the wind and frost. The image shows the wall and the store, as we were just clearing up the last few dead leaves.

Yesterday we visited a garden centre, where we bought two rather interesting looking plants. I thought I knew what they were, and quite unhelpfully, they had no name, Spanish or Latin, I realise I don’t know what they are! This makes knowing the best conditions to plant them in difficult, but we have dug the holes and watered them in.
unknownpl251011The first plant has been identified as a Embothrium or Coral Bush.
The second plant is an ornamental fig, (fiddle leaf Fig)
ficus Lyrata.