Holiday in Almeria

We have just returned from a wonderful holiday, a week staying at the Hotel Barcelo in Cabo de Gata. Our room overlooked the bay of Almeria we could see and hear the planes, landing and taking off from the airport.

The weather was quite perfect, the first day we had a trip planned with the naturalist Jesus Contreras and a few other birding experts.






Here are images of some of the birds we spotted.

The group identified over 50 species of birds, if you would like a list of the birds please click on the contact page.

Here are some other photos

Painted lady Hash


We were promised painted ladies as we formed a circle on the outskirts of Turre. We set off under the bridge along the Rio Aguas. Across the fields, Turre Church came into view. The high speed train track ran along the other side of the river bed.

There were clouds and it was misty, but when the sun broke through it was warm The runners soon caught up with us. There were others enjoying the Spanish countryside. Cyclists and trial bikers.

We walked over the river bed and into a ditch, to get out we all had to clamber under the sluice gate, dogs too. As we headed back we noticed quite a few dry bones.

We did see a few painted lady butterflies, apparently earlier in the week there had been thousands, they are on migration to North Africa.

We arrived at the bridge we notice the runners were already back, fortunately they had left us some of the wonderful home made mince pies, there was even a carrot cake to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of the Indalo Hash House Harriers.



Chirivel Hash

Chirivel is a rural town, in the province of Almeria, close to the border with Granada. It was a little chilly as we formed a circle in the car park. The leaves on the trees changing colour from greens to yellow, red and brown a sign of  autumn. The hare had marked the trail for the runners with highlighter pink, so there was no excuse. The walkers were following “Click it” and Alf, so we set off.

We arrived at a local activity park, we were encouraged to have a go, some chirivelhashhashers were more enthusiastic than others.






By the park there was this dead tree trunk, some very skilled  wood carving, I suppose some may have said vandalism.chirivelhash3








We wandered through the town, then into the outskirts, before heading back through a river bed, with water channelled to the side. The dogs loved running through chirivelhash4the refreshing water.









We arrived back for the circle.chirivelhash8





Excellent walk in beautiful countryside.