Noctilucent Clouds on the solstice

I was awake at about 02:30 and decided to look out and see how dark it really is on the shortest night of the year. I was very pleased to see these clouds which I first of all photographed and took a short video using my mobile phone.
This is the video from the phone:

I soon decided they were not good enough pictures, so I grabbed my Nikon D40X but it wouldn’t take a picture! That was because the SD card was not in the camera, so after rectifying that I took a few more images:

The clouds were due North and the sun was about 12 degrees below the horizon in Astronomical twilight.

To find out more about Noctilucent Clouds see Wikipedia.

A few days on the Norfolk Coast, Part 2

The next day it was raining, we did visit a couple of villages in the afternoon, but the highlight of the day was the sunset.


We have lovely sunsets in the West Midlands, but they are not as easy to photograph with tall trees and buildings in the way.
sherThe following day our last, was fine but cloudy, we
sher1 decided to visit Sheringham, a pretty seaside town and railway station.

sher2The station retains an old world charm, the area has an annual
sher3 forties weekend, where people can revel in nostalgia.



sher6Many of the features are maintained all year round, some are a little more modern.


sher7I asked the Stationmaster for a photo, he kindly agreed, looking very smart.


sher8The shops support the 40’s feel, this image of an ironmongers shopfront.



sher9With ice cream parlors, amusement arcades and gift shops,
sher11the town reminded me of holidays as a child, although not in the Forties.


sher10We walked on the sandy beach, watching the gulls. Living near to the Mediterranean for so many years, it’s easy to forget the tidal movement of the sea.