Season change.

The weather here at the moment is wonderful, warm sunny days, cool nights and clear blue skies. The garden is ringing with different sounds. The swallows, swifts and bee-eaters have departed for hotter climes and the winter flying visitors are back. The distinctive clacking sound of the black redstart and the the sweet call of the robin compete with the male canaries.


2 replies on “Season change.”

How lovely. I didn’t know we had robins out here. I don’t think they come down as far as us.
(Thanks for your message yesterday. Much appreciated!)

Do they stop at Vera, Kate? 😉
I’ve been working in the garden today, uprooting some old siempre verde bushes and Robin has been within touching distance. He or she does not see me as a threat and as I work I unearth bugs and beetles to feed Robin. it’s a kind of symbiotic relationship. Such a charming bird.