Canary Care

I think looking after canaries is generally common sense, but I did sometimes have a problem and trawled the internet for advice. I thought I would write a little of my experiences in an effort to help others.

canary2120813We now don’t live Spain and we don’t have birds at the moment, but they lived in an aviary in a sheltered part of the garden. The front of the aviary faced South so that the birds got sunshine and warmth in the winter, in the summer the sun is higher in the sky and the roof and trees helped to provide shade.

The aviary had a two door system to keep the birds secure. The canaries did have contact with the wild birds, mostly sparrows and ring necked doves, who cheekily stole any seed that spilled out; the design would make it difficult to prevent that.

Every day I changed the drinking and bathing water, checked they had sufficient canary seed mix and grit, I also provided bread, lettuce and other canary favourites most days. I checked the birds overall health also their general behaviour. If there is a sign that any of the canaries are unwell make sure that all the feed and water containers are cleaned thoroughly more regularly.

Canary Pox 

I have written about this in an earlier post, Click here. I would add, that as canary pox  could be spread by mosquitoes I have started to regularly spray the canaries with external anti-parasite solution for birds, available in pet shops, following the instructions on the bottle. I also remove the bathing water after an hour or so. The incidence of canary pox had reduced since I have been doing this.

I used the following products available from pet suppliers, check they are suitable for canaries, they prevent internal parasitic infestation, for the general good health of the birds in the aviary.

They may be a different brand name.

Beaphar Pulmosan – anti tracheal mite, follow the instructions on the product.

Tabernil Sulfa-  follow the instructions carefully on the product.

Tabernil wormer – follow the instructions.

Canaries moult their feathers in August in Spain, I tried to provide them with the best food, including canary seed containing vitamins in the weeks before, to help boost their immunity. I kept the stressful activity at a minimum in the aviary to help the birds through, what must be a difficult time, I noticed they don’t sing very much, they tended to preen, scratch and bicker.canary1120813

Please contact a veterinarian if you have any concerns over the health and well- being of your canary.