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Scotney Castle

Another Sunday in September and another National trust property in Kent. Scotney Castle had been the home of both the Darell and Hussey families for many years. The earliest parts of the Old Castle were built in 1378 by Roger de Ashburnham, according to the information leaflet. Here are some stunning images on a dull cool day:

England Flora&Fauna Kent

Ightham Mote

Today we met up with the family for an outing to a moated medieval manor house. We were unable to enter the house but enjoyed a walk around the grounds on a beautiful September day..

England Flora&Fauna Garden Home

Enjoying the spring garden in difficult times.

The whole country, no, the whole world is on lock down for our protection from this insidious virus; the busy lives we all lead restricted to four walls, unless shopping, exercising or working.

We have experienced a long wet dull winter, both John and I have struggled with drawn out health issues, longing for a warmer, brighter and healthier spring, our eagerly awaited European holiday already cancelled.

Fortunately we enjoy each others company, we already spend hours on the internet, I also enjoy reading and knitting. We both love the garden, John cuts the grass and does the heavy jobs, I do the planting and flowers, we both enjoy the wildlife we can attract especially, birds, insects, amphibians and mammals, we are happily surprised at the variety of creatures we can attract.

Today I had a walk around the garden, breathing in the warm fresh air, listening to the birdsong and droning of bees around the skimmia japonica flowers, just enjoying the heat of the sun on my skin. Here are some of the images I captured with my camera.

It is an uncertain time, but there is always beauty in nature.