New Chick 2

Sadly, I found the first chick had died, from the post on the 1st March, fortunately a chick had hatched out of an egg in another nest. It is now around 16 days old and has benefited from a vigilant mother and at least 2 males that have helped with the feeding.


I had to be careful holding the chick as it was keen to have a try at flying, I popped it safely back in the nest.

New chick.

Around Christmastime I place a few nests into the aviary, after a few weeks some of the canary hens showed an interest. One laid four eggs and patiently sat on them, 10 days ago one hatched, this is the that chick today.The other eggs were perhaps not fertilised, but this little beauty is doing well, growing daily, with wing feathers appearing.