Spanish countryside

Embalse de Negratín

neg2261011On Wednesday the 26th October we drove into the province of Granada to the reservoir of Negratín for a walk and picnic. We took the dog, which wasn’t one of our better ideas, because he is a nervous traveller and it was over an hour’s drive. Passing through Zújar, to the water, we drove just past the restaurant with the hot water baths and parked.

We walked down to the water and round an rocky outcrop where the neg3261011remains of cave-houses look down on the lake. Owen (the dog) enjoyed the new smells and paddling, but especially loved the walk and morsels of Spam baps from our picnic!









Unfortunately as the last image shows there is a mark on the lens of my new Canon PowerShot A3300 which we were unable to remove, so the Negblob261011camera has been returned.