Garden Hens Tales from the menagerie!

Red palm beetle

Sadly two of our palm trees have succumbed to this dreadful weevil. Fortunately the hens love to eat the grubs, so as John cuts down  and removes the affected material the hens take particular interest.

Food Hens Life in Spain Tales from the menagerie!

Christmas 2013

We have performed with Cantante at various locations this festive season.

Today there was a Hash in Arboleas, including use of a swimming pool, followed by a meal together and no doubt frivolity. Sadly we were unable to attend as we are feeling unwell with colds. Here is a picture of the rocky rockyroadroad (from a Nigella  recipe) that I had made and planned to take with me.


We have adopted a female black cat into the family as a friend is unable to look after her any more, her name is Pizca. From a noisy start, Owen, Rio and Pizca all seem to be getting used to each other.

This morning an image of the hens enjoying a dust bath, prompted a video.

Merry Christmas, goodwill and glad tidings to everyone!


Garden Hens Life in Spain Tales from the menagerie!

Olive picking and hens

olive-picking201113Today the wind had dropped and we decided to pick the olives on the old tree where the hens live. We had to leave the gate open, so Babs and Ginger used the opportunity to have a wander round the garden. We placed the babs201113nets under the branches and collected the olives, which were mostly black, large and shiny. There were only 2 nearly full buckets, much less than previous years. We then pruned the tree.



Whilst I was picking the olives, I noticed the ripening grapefruit, the tree’s branches laden.