Food Garden

Plums for plumbing!

Earlier in the week, we noticed our neighbours in discussion, peering into a hole, where the water pipes are channelled to the individual houses. The problem was, that there was a leak in the plastic pipe, which was evident as the water meter was turning, but more obviously the acequia (water channel) was full of water. Having found the damage, we happened to have a connector which completed the repair. John our neighbour, later replaced our spare connector and was so grateful, he gave us plums off one of his trees.





Yesterday I consulted Kate for a good plum jam recipe, and began peeling some of the plums, I actually overcooked the jam, but it tastes lovely, I made two jars. I have read on the internet, I could use the thickened jam to make smoothies, plumjamadd to gravy and water down to make syrup.



Today I have halved, stoned and chopped the remaining plums ready to make plum chutney tomorrow.

One of the canaries was rubbing it’s eyes on the perch, so I consulted Basilio the pet shop owner, then Juan the vet, who gave us a prescription for eye drops for the canary, we will see if the drops help.