Spanish countryside

Day Out Images of Booted Eagle

Today is cooler than the record temperatures of nearly 44°C reached last Friday during a 5 day heatwave or “Ola de calor”.

muelaG020712We drove through Oria towards the motorway from Granada to Puerto Lumbreras at Chirivel. Following the road as it wound it’s way through changing vistas.Turning off the autovia, through Velez Rubio to Velez Blanco, one of our favourite places to watch birds.


While eating our picnic we were  entertained by the house martins feeding velb3020712their young, in nests in the eaves of these attractive apartments and restaurant.





From Velez Blanco we continued along the road towards Maria, I velb020712was able to get these photos of the side and back of the castle.


As we drove down the A327 towards Santa Maria de Nieve, we spied a large raptor, standing in a field, we turned the car round, the bird waited patiently until I had taken some photos then effortlessly took to the air. What a fantastic bird!