Hashing with Mamarazzi!

Grey Day Hash

It was overcast as we set off towards Saliente, cloud topped the mountain overlooking the monastery as we headed for the village of Los Cerricos.

We found most of the hashers in the bar, I think many were recovering from a party the night before. It was announced the Hash would have a live hare for the runners, which meant Puff was given a five minute start. The walkers set off down a lane, we were soon in open fields. There were quite a few goats and goat dogs. The countryside was lovely, although there was still cloud shrouding the hills, a steady pace was set.

I am not sure where we wandered, but we heard golden orioles, but sadly did not get a photo, we did get a picture of a yet unidentified snake.



After walking for over an hour, Alf the dog led the way to the village. We arrived back for the circle, to enjoy a beer and a few crisps. We waited around for ages for any sign of the runners, eventually the hare came into view. The runners then began to appear from different directions. The hare blamed the runners, the runners blamed the hare, I am not saying a word.