Garden Tales from the menagerie! Timbrado canaries


The numbers of canaries in the aviary has reduced, through mostly illness and escape, I do continue to control the number of eggs laid by substituting plastic eggs in the nests.

However, I have one female who has a frill, crown of feathers and known as a corona gloster (topknot) canary. I was given her last year and after few failed attempts at nest building and egg laying, she successfully has a brood of three chicks. Two or three other birds help with the feeding, if the hen gets off the nest, to preen, feed or bath, an orange hen soon sits on the chicks to keep them warm and feeds them too.


Although they are developing their wing feathers, it’s too soon to see whether they will have the characteristic feathers on their head, it is a dominant gene, but it is favourable in the yellow colour link canaries and these chicks look red. I love to see the chicks like this, their eyes are open, but they have an attractive ugliness.