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Encouraging birds too!

birdtable3 One of my birthday presents was a bird table, which arrived last week, we eagerly assembled it.

We continue to see a variety of birds in the garden, robins, blackbirds and pigeons are around most days, we also see blue tits, great tits and long tailed tits, we want to encourage these birds to feed from the table.

The bird table arrived in the post as ordered, the assembly instructions were fairly straightforward, it took less than half an hour to complete. The nut holder is part of the roof section, how successfully that works, time will tell.

I have placed on the table, bread, dried mealworms, nuts and a suet insect birdtable1block. So far the robin visits the table, grabs something and flies off very quickly. The blackbirds ground feed off the pieces blown onto the lawn. I have waited to post in a hope that I could get a few photos of the birds, but they are shy. The table looks quite sturdy, I suppose the birds would prefer some foliage closer to hide in, but hopefully they will become bolder.

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