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Dia de Andalucia 2013

February 28th, marks Andalucia day, the poor weather forecast, including an amber warning for heavy rain and snow was correct. I fed and watered the birds in the rain and got soaked to the skin. The hens, rather than taking shelter under a tree, kept shaking the water away, I don’t suppose they had experienced rain before.

About lunch time the rain stopped and the cloud lifted revealing snow to NW at around 900 metres. The Sierra de las Estancias had a covering of snow, including the monastery at Saliente.

We measured 9mms, in the rain guage, now the sun is shining, Owen had his daily walk, I enjoyed reading my Kindle by the fire.

It is interesting to note, that the weather is often bad on this day, as though winter is compelled to have one last blast before giving way to spring in March.