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Disaster (the great canary escape)

This morning, the sun was shining and we decided to clean the aviary out. I removed the hen’s roost, a coffee table, to change the newspaper on the floor and noticed a canary dead on the floor in the aviary.

I decided to give the canaries a dose of air sac mite treatment. We caught each bird and placed a drop on the skin, under the feathers of the back; we then placed them in cages and removed them from the aviary to clean it out. We had 34 canaries and as we cleared the aviary and began to clean the floor, I thought I heard a canary in the olive tree nearby.

It was quite blustery and as I went to check one of the cages I realised the floor had slid forward and only 4 of the 20 canaries remained in the cage. Canaries were flying around the garden,  a feeling of despair came over me, but I decided to go back and finish cleaning the aviary so that we could put the rest of the canaries back in and just hope that the other birds would come back.

During the afternoon 11 canaries were attracted back to the aviary, a friend was driving by and noticed canaries near the road, her and her husband managed to catch one, by throwing her cardigan over it on the floor, there was also one sadly dead. As dusk arrived we hoped the final 3 would come back to roost at the aviary, but no sighting.

I suppose we have done well getting the birds back we have!

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