Hashing with Mamarazzi! Spanish countryside

Los Cerricos Hash

We travelled up towards Saliente, we passed a few energetic cyclists, climbing the road up to the monastery.

From Los Cerricos, we drove through a couple of hamlets until we arrived at our destination, the Indalo Hash House Harriers event.

We set off, the hares leading the  way, the sky was clear, but the puddles were covered with 1cm thick of ice. At over 1100 metres above sea level, and a dusting of snow over the Sierras, the wind chill made it pretty cold.


A slightly leaking water pipe, made a beautiful natural ice sculpture  moulded by the wind. The almond trees in blossom dominated the fields, but apparently lettuce are grown, when it’s warmer, then transported and sold in the UK.

We occasionally met up with the runners, they seemed more lost than on other occasions.

The farmers have obviously been busy as a lot of the cultivated land is deeply ploughed

In just over an hour we were back and enjoying a sit down in a sunny sheltered place.  I was given my hash name Mamarazzi, as I walk round with the biggest camera, serious stuff!

Afterwards we enjoyed delicious soup with bread.