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Swallow tales too!

It has been a sad year for swallows here. We look forward to the swallows returning each year and again raising one or two broods in the nest they build on our ceramic lamp. This year however, the male returned alone, I think he’s male as he has a longish tail. There was a small deposits of mud on the lamp, but any nest-building was abandoned. The lone swallow sits on the telephone wire chattering, most of the day, sometimes it joins others, swooping and soaring over the neighbourhood, then returns to it’s vigil and also roosts here at night. It does have a purpose, any other bird, including sparrows, threatening it’s territory, the swallow soon shows who is boss and does not allow them to nest around the house. This gives us hope for next year, that it will find a mate to breed with and our garden will be filled with their chattering again.

This was Monday evenings’ sky, with crepuscular rays.