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Cóbdar and Los Calesas

Today we set out to walk another route we found on the internet, this time driving through Albanchez to Cóbdar. We parked in the village and set off, it was quite difficult to make sense of the map and this stresses me, I really prefer tracks, that are clearly marked. Although we had a couple of false starts, the weather was perfect and we saw some birds and wild flowers. We climbed a track up to the communication masts, we could see into the valley and noted some derelict industrial buildings.

There were beautiful panoramic views. We sat outside the cemetery and enjoyed a sandwich.

Although unsuccessful, in walking the sendero, we, including the dog had an enjoyable walk, managing to photograph an eagle, as we walked back to the car we noticed a track down into the river bed and we plan to have another go at the walk another time.

We decided to drive back the more scenic route and parked at Los Molinos, we remembered seeing golden orioles at Los Calesas, some years ago. We walked the track, we heard the unmistakable call of a corn bunting. We didn’t see any golden orioles, but the different flora and fauna was worth the walk. The trees were bursting into life. The wild flowers so pretty.