Spanish countryside

Sendero Fines

sendero1310313We found a walk (Sendero) on the internet of approximately 4 miles, in the area of Fines.
We marked the map and laminated it, a wise decision, it turned out.


We enjoy walking and we like to find suitable walks for when the family sendero2310313visit, we also needed to walk off the hot cross buns.











We parked and set off, there looked quite a lot of activity in Fines,sendero4310313 with families getting together and as we walked towards the Rio Almanzora, we passed by the fuente, families were setting up barbecues and children were playing.







As we walked along the river bed we found the turning between two hills, following the map along a gravelled track. It was raining, but we had cagoules on, the rain was sendero6310313mostly light and it wasn’t cold.







We strolled through a ravine, the water, over many years, having cut away the sides of the rambla, revealing wonderful strata and rock formation, the rain stopped enough, for us to get our cameras out and for our clothes to dry. The smell sendero8310313of the Mediterranean wild flowers and the damp earth was wonderful.





Sendero9310313The terrain opened up into rolling hills, the going so far, had been easy, but we started climbing.



We met no-one, we were able to recognise bird calls, from blackbirds, sendero10310313corn buntings, green woodpeckers to name a few.





sendero11310313The rain started again as we wended our way over the hill, we could then see the marble works of Macael, in the valley, Olula del Rio and the wind turbines at Hijate in the distance.


We tucked our cameras under our waterproofs and wearily plodded back down to the Rio Almanzora valley and the car.

We plotted and measured the route on Google Earth on our return, it was actually 5.6 miles which is 9kms.