Spanish countryside

Walk to El Castillo

Today the rain started gently around 6am, I let the hens out of the roost , they appeared rather reluctantly, they spent most of their time sheltering.

The precipitation continued steadily all morning, a chance to lazily read my book, the cat a constant companion by my side, dozing cosily. wetswallows070913




These swallows shaking the rain off their feathers and preening, their long migration South imminent.

El Castillo060913



Yesterday, we walked to the restaurant El Castillo for lunch, a first since the hotter months. I took my camera with the telephoto (75-300 mm) lens onEl Castillo2060913, hoping for shots of eagles. It was interesting to see the plants, that had been damaged by the “gota fria” last September, were still hanging on and even sprouting.



El Castillo3060913At the end of August we had experienced terrific thunder storms heralding the end of the extreme heat of summer, the rambla had been damaged  further by the heavy rain and there were still deep channels, soft mud and pools, which made walking difficult.

El Castillo1060913We managed to make it to the restaurant for an excellent menu del dia, very good value for money and brilliant views.



On the way home I took this shot towards Cerro Gordo, the small cloud, El Castillo4060913little indication of rain to come.



We didn’t see any eagles.