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Visit to Dorset

Last week we had an overnight trip to Dorset. We Dorset152015Dorset162015visited family in Bridport while there, but stayed in a Travelodge in Ilminster.




Rain was forecast for both days, the journey down Dorset122015was dry, but there were showers and it was overcast as we spent an hour at West Bay.



Dorset112015We had a wander round the fishing port and had aDorset102015 locally made ice cream. The weather did not stop the tourists or locals enjoying themselves.






Dorset82015The next day after a night of heavy rain we drove Dorset72015along the coast, we stopped for coffee at Abbotsbury subtropical gardens.



Dorset62015The colonial restaurant overlooked some very attractiveDorset52015 gardens.




I was obviously drawn to take photos of the birds,

Dorset32015some in an aviary, others just wandering or fluttering  around.



Sadly, because of poor visibility we were unable to see the wonderful views of Chesil Beach. We had a drive
Dorset22015 around Portland, I managed to get an image of Portland Bill Lighthouse.




Dorset2015We stopped for a delicious lunch at Jackson Gallery where at the moment Michael Chappell is having an exhibition of artwork until mid-September. We loved  the view of the sea from the back of the building.