Sewing the seeds

At the end of June, the Church I attend had a visit from missionaries, atgarden280615 the end of their interesting talk we were offered a gift. Inside the attractively tied tissue paper was a small mixture of seeds.



I recognized poppies and calendula seeds. We were asked to plant them somewhere suitable and see how they grow.

garden1280615I sprinkled them on a newly cleared patch of ground, covering them with soil and watering the area.



Five days later already one or two seeds had germinated, the nasturtium garden030715grew quickly but was pecked off by a bird, another seedling was crushed when I was watering.







Twenty five days later most of the seeds have germinated, I recognise a Californian poppy (Eschscholzia californica)  and I am looking garden1300715forward to seeing them grow and flower.


I suspect there may be some weeds growing too, I will be able to remove those.