Food Garden Life in Spain

Trees and the fruit.

pudmar231211Yesterday I picked some grapefruit, they are the pink fleshed variety, they were still warm from the sun as I prepared them for making grapefruit and ginger marmalade. I also made a Christmas pudding, rather put off by boiling them on the hob for hours, I used a slow cooker recipe. The pudding doesn’t look dark and sticky as a traditionally made one, but as they say “the proof of the pudding……” will be done on Christmas day, by an expert.

We have bought and planted two new olive trees, they are to replace the acacia trees, which had become a nuisance, we picked the trees, at the garden centre, with the biggest, shiniest olives still on. We hope to use the large olives for preserving in brine, they do usually shrink in the process, so these should be perfect.