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Summer into Autumn

The days and nights are cooling, we have had a few drops of rain and promise of storms on the horizon. We have had our family visiting to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary.


In the activity of family reunion, I noted two caterpillars with vinehawkmoth1speed and mechanical accuracy making short work of leaves on our vine. I think they are vine hawk moth larvae, the next day they had darkened in colour.

It was a joy to see our children and their spouses making full use of the villas and pools, all the facilities our home has to offer. Our granddaughter settled very well into her bedroom, she loved the pool. Comfortable accommodation, relaxed meals including barbecues, with friends invited. The moon shone bright the first nights as we swam or sat by the pool looking at the stars, noting fireball meteors and a good view of the Andromeda galaxy with binoculars.

As the moon waned we were able to photograph and see the Milky Way in it’s glory.


One of our sons stayed on longer and we ventured up to the Negratin reservoir we spent quite a time there taking photos and neg3170914enjoying the peace and tranquility.


The water level had dropped significantly, but after a hot dry summer it is not surprising.neg4170914

The overflowing rubbish bins evidence that many had enjoyed picnics by the lakeside.

neg170914The area is dominated by the mountain Jabalcón in the Sierra de Segura at 1,494m asl.


We were also keen to show our son the spectacular geographical and gor4170914historical sights in Granada province at Gorafe which we had visited last year.



We couldn’t resist taking a few more photos.(Thermal springs at Alicún de las Torres)