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Season’s change.


oleander012August ended with a bang, a storm, flashing towards the coast most of the night of the 30th. We had 5mm of rain, but there was flooding on the coast.



The temperatures are dropping and at night it feels quite cool. There is an autplants1012autumnal feel but the weather is perfect.





pomeg140912Around the garden, there are signs of the seasons changing.




The Eucalyptus tree has become a roost for many sparrows, they are veryEuchspar012 noisy.






The images of darters or dragonflies. darting around the dragonfly012pool area and garden





During the summer we have taken to sitting out in the cool mornings to eat breakfast. We noticed a lot of droppings near a pot full of canna lilies and the leaves have munch marks. We managed to get a photo of the critter.

green grasshopper012







We did manage a 12.5km walk on the 1st September, whilst our son was here; it was a track laid out (Sendero) with markers.

LosC012 From Las Cuevas in Arboleas, under the new dual carriage way, climbing up to the Alto de las Canales  and the mirador de Limaria at 501 metres. We had our lunch there and took this photo of Los Carrascos beyond the valley of the Almanzora.

Rio140912Finally yesterday morning, I finished looking after the canaries, they are coming back into condition, and the mortality rate has decreased; I found Rio was sleeping the feed cupboard. The fact that if I tried to get him to lay on that shelf, would be met with very serious opposition.


swing140912As I had the camera, I thought I would show you a recent purchase, I love garden swings and have already spent many hours swinging in the garden.

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Would love to hear more as Arboleas is one of the places we are thinking of moving to