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Day out to Los Alcázares (Jelly fish)

Los Alcázares is a town on the mainland shore of the Mar Menor Murcia, after a two hour motorway drive we arrived and headed for the beach. The high- rise buildings of the resort on the sea side of La Manga looked like they were floating on a mirrored sea.

The beach was crowded with mostly Spanish of all ages, taking advantage of a clean sandy bay. Brightly coloured parasols, towels and beach paraphernalia, the buzz of cheerful chatter, the sun shining down and the smell of ozone, fried food and sun lotion overwhelmed the senses.


jellyfish040912The water of the Mar Menor shallow and clear, urged us into our swimming costumes and we eagerly paddled into the shallows at which point I spotted the ominous shape of a jellyfish, there were lots, different sizes of jellyfish floating in the  sea. I called out a warning to our son, who was with us, had been stung really badly on a holiday years ago and known jokingly as a jellyfish magnet.


The other bathers seemed unconcerned by the threat from these aquatic floaters, which we found very strange, children were playing a game of picking them out of the water, much to our horror.

As we retreated to the beach, a roaring sound reminded us how close we were to San Javier airport, as a holiday jet prepared to land. There were also military trainer jets circling practising the approach. These planes fly over us at home and we’ve often tried to get a good photo, this was an excellent opportunity.

We had lovely lunch at a restaurant recommended to us by a local and after a quick visit to a shopping centre we returned home.

After some research we found out that the jelly fish is a Cotylorhorzia tuberculata (click to find out more).

Very pretty!Jellyfish2040912