Hashing with Mamarazzi! Spanish countryside

Rambla Honda Hash

Today we travelled through Zurgena, then on the main road  towards Lubrin, before the town, we turned off to Rambla Honda. Parking on the river bed, dry at the moment, we made a circle to hear the announcements and information from the hare.

ramblahash5250813There was a little confusion when the hare said that it was another assault course, I was imagining climbing ladders and swinging through the trees, but were reassured that we had misheard, that actually, the trail was set using salt.


Off along the rambla we wandered, the valley was surrounded by hills, so ramblahash4250813it was no surprise, when following the trail, we turned off and slowly climbing, left the water course behind.


ramblahash3250813Up and over a hill we went, then down into another rambla, which eventually came out by the main road.



ramblahash1250813We walked back to the start, ramblahash2250813the runners who were far more energetic, arrived back at least half an hour after us.



After the circle, there was a welcome “on-after”, a swim and a very tasty chilli.


Whilst enjoying a sit down in a shady part of the garden we noticed this beautiful swallowtail butterfly enjoying the flowers.