Life in Spain Tales from the menagerie!


I acquired an aviary in October 2006 soon after our daughter moved to England, I don’t think that these events were linked! We bought a male and female canary and they lived very happily, the female laid 4 eggs last spring but they were not fertile. Since then we have had comings and goings from the cage and the photo shows our latest canaries. The yellow bird I bought just after Christmas, told to be a female. She settled in but started to fly up to the seed containers with large lettuce leaves and I found bits of millet there, after a few days I realised, that maybe she wanted to nest.
I found the old nest I had and placed it in the cage, within minutes she was happily sitting on it. She puts all sorts of items that she finds, in the nest and it’s quite comical to see.PrimroseCanary(eco)