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Olives and blue skies

OlivesBlueSky(eco)The vision of blue sky through the leaves of an olive tree has many memories for me. It is the view whilst picking the olives, it is very attractive but could be tedious after many hours. This year we gave our big olive tree a good pruning and picked some of the olives when they were black and exchanged them for oil. Standing in the sunshine removing the black orbs from the branches and hearing them plop into the buckets; Using the olive oil with a sense of achievement.
Many years ago we a took in an emaciated podenco, we took him to the vets and I proudly explained that I put some Olive oil on the poor dog’s food, the vet said, of using olive oil, “You can also fry eggs with it.”
The olive tree thrives in the Mediterranean climate and they are a vital part of the landscape for many reasons.