Flora&Fauna Hashing with Mamarazzi! Life in Spain Spanish countryside

Painted lady Hash

We were promised painted ladies as we formed a circle on the outskirts of Turre. We set off under the bridge along the Rio Aguas. Across the fields, Turre Church came into view. The high speed train track ran along the other side of the river bed.

There were clouds and it was misty, but when the sun broke through it was warm The runners soon caught up with us. There were others enjoying the Spanish countryside. Cyclists and trial bikers.

We walked over the river bed and into a ditch, to get out we all had to clamber under the sluice gate, dogs too. As we headed back we noticed quite a few dry bones.

We did see a few painted lady butterflies, apparently earlier in the week there had been thousands, they are on migration to North Africa.

We arrived at the bridge we notice the runners were already back, fortunately they had left us some of the wonderful home made mince pies, there was even a carrot cake to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of the Indalo Hash House Harriers.

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