Hashing with Mamarazzi! Spanish countryside

Ogarite Hash

Ogarite280413After an early morning heavy rain shower, we drove up to Oria prepared for rain or shine.




Parking outside the bar in Ogarite, which is a small hamlet of old and new Ogarite1280413houses surrounded by fields. We were given instructions for the walkers and runners by the hares, and welcomed visitors, Cambridge hashers, staying at Mojácar.

A view of Oria, across the fields.



Ogarite2280413Although cloudy, it was dry and bright, the poppies so colourful under the olive trees.




Runners and walkers meet.Ogarite4280413






Ogarite5280413The route was very pretty











Ogarite7280413After walking for about an hour (4kms) we arrived back at the bar, the weather had been perfect, but the cloud base dropped and the rain started to pour down.



Some walkers headed for the bar, others (brave or foolish) waited for the Ogarite8280413runners, by then we were all soaked. It was decided to retire to the bar to dry off for the circle and on after.


Photos by John, I didn’t want my camera to get wet.♥