Spanish countryside

Los Carrascos (Images of bee-eaters and swifts)

LosCarr210413Last week, when we were out walking we noticed on a hill a round flat area that could have been man made tower foundations, we decided today, to walk up and find out.







LosCarr2210413Although we live close and we have walked many kilometres around here, we were mostly on unknown territory.



It was interesting to see this ruined cortijo, with, what looks like beehives stacked.LosCarr3210413





LosCarrJ210413As we climbed up, it was obvious that the promontory was natural, maybe the heavy rains last September had washed some of the soil away and made the overhang more noticeable.


The vines are budding and leaves appearing.




The view towards the pueblo of Arboleas, it’s two bridges and tower.LosCarr5210413








The hillsides were covered with wild flowers, I thought these grasses were very pretty and moved majestically in the breeze as we headed down to the bridge at Los Peraltas, swifts were soaring and swooping overhead.



The arroyo damp in places, the verges still looking green, a favourite place for bee-eaters to nest nearby.