Hashing with Mamarazzi! Spanish countryside

La Alfoquia Hash




We circled up in the shade of the disused petrol station as the temperatures were steadily rising. We had Owen with us as alfoquiahash18080614we were fairly local. “Non- cents” apparently had lingered in the bar after a coffee.







The hares gave the “chalk talk” and we set off, walkers one way, runners another. We had views over the Almanzora river(dry at the moment) towards alfoquiahash14080614the watch tower and town of Zurgena.

This small horseshoe whip snake had sadly been run over.






We continued through Alfoquia then turned towards the Barrio Chicago and the Autovia, where rows new houses had been builtalfoquiahash13080614 totally incongruous to the Spanish countryside.







alfoquiahash11080614Tons of gravel had been laid to create neat tidy weed free areas.



With a view of the mountain of alfoquiahash10080614Limaria in the background.


alfoquiahash9080614There was some attractive landscaping, with these trees, including a now beautiful blue flowering Jacaranda and more gravel.





As we left the housing estate, we stopped for a welcome drink of water, especially for the dogs; one couple headed back to the petrol station, inevitably they alfoquiahash8080614were penalised at the circle. The rest of us continued on the longer more scenic route.





We were soon heading back into Alfoquia along the main road.alfoquiahash6080614








alfoquiahash5080614Just before the petrol station there is the remnants of the old railway station and where the line  crossed the road.









A cool beer and a few crisps were eagerly anticipated, “DimSim” finding a suitable place to ease the aching muscles.alfoquiahash2080614








In the circle the usual misdemeanors  and notices were duly dealt with and when a Harriet on her second Hash was heard offering her nursing ability to a grazed knee, she was naturally given the Hash name “Gladys Emmanuel”.







As we left, most of the circle appeared unable to gather much enthusiasm. Despite the heat there had been a cooling breeze. This afternoon Owen is snoozing on the cool tiles inside the house, he’s not daft.