Hot and crafty.

I have grown some chillies this year, I bought a plant, with a plug of roots,chilli27711 the chillies are small and very hot, the other plants I grew from seed and the chillies are bigger and just ripening. I will give some to Charlie, our neighbour, for his birthday.


I was browsing the Amazon website and saw this Helix craft workstation, with lots of useful items included, I ordered it and it arrived today. I shall spend some time learning everything and hope to use the embossing and cutting attachments on Christmas cards.

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Hi Jane. Believe it or not, I spent yesterday making the chilli and ginger jam and I am about to do a recipe blog, (on my craft blog) so it should be there by tonight. Well done for growing some decent chillies. Mine were too small and dry to use. I guess I didn’t water or feed them enough.

The craft station looks good. i hope you get lots of use out of it.

I have made a link to the chilli jam recipe on your blog.