Food Garden Life in Spain

Happy New Year!

I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year.

Today, the 6th is celebrated in Spain with the visit of the Kings (magi) to Jesus, bearing gifts.

We spent the day quietly, the weather is beautiful, sunny with pizca060114temperatures nearly reaching 20ºC.  Pizca took advantage of the sunshine, exploring and snoozing in the garden.



cake060114I got round to icing  the Christmas cake, we have only just finished the rocky road cake.





We have visitors coming later in the week so I made a pavlova, using the egg yolks and some left over dried fruit made another smaller rich fruit cake.


We had extremely high winds on Saturday night, with gusts recorded at 118 kph in Albox, our neighbour’s  wall fell over in the wind, so we did some clearing up, I also managed to save some ceramic butterflies from the debris.