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For Uncle Len – Santuario Monteagud

Uncle Len died on 24th December 2011 he was a devout Roman Catholic, who loved spending time in Almería, he would have enjoyed the drive we did today.
The 15th of August is a national holiday, set aside, to celebrate the Ascension (Assumption) of Mary.

We set off down along the Arroyo Aceituno towards the Los Filabres, the road was fortunately empty as it twisted around the hills, with stunning scenery, the road narrowed, following the contours, with little or no barriers, sheer drops and hair pin bends. Uncle Len would not have liked that as he did not enjoy that form of danger or heights.

LosF1508123We passed through Los Molinos, Albanchez, and the marble quarry of Cóbdar.




As we drove towards Uleila del Campo, the Ermita de Monteagud wasLosF1508124 visible on the top of Montahur 1,260m asl.



We turned off the main road on to a gravel track for the ascent to the Santuario.

Los F1508129


As we drove into the parking area, the tiled image of Mary with Child overlooked a water tap LosF1508125and trough.






LosF1508126Uncle Len would have appreciated the religious images and the sense of peace and tranquillity.




It was possible to see up to 50km in most directions.