Tales from the menagerie! Timbrado canaries

Canary pox

This morning I noticed one of the new canaries (Polly) was tucked at the back of the aviary, she looked unwell and was standing on one leg, the other leg was red and I noticed a lesion (scab). This scab is a sign of canary pox, these scabs can bleed and are noticeable on non- feathered areas of the bird, on the legs, feet and problems round the eyes.

My canaries had suffered an outbreak of this some years ago, when most of the birds had shown symptoms, one chick died, it was sadly covered in the pustules, but the rest of the birds survived. I have done some research on the internet and discovered the diagnosis and the treatment, which is the usual care for viral disease. Keep the bird warm, with fresh water and food, keep them stress – free as possible. I do try to build up good health, because when the canaries moult, they lose condition and are vulnerable, but they probably now have immunity. My new birds however, may not have had any contact with the disease.

I have taken Polly out of the main aviary, so that I can isolate her and treat any open sores with betadine and put saline eye drops if necessary. This morning this lesion had looked like a spot with a white disc.Canary_Pox_Lesion

Monday 6th August – I have a beautiful red female canary, new to the aviary this year, she has been unwell for a while. She is in a separate cage, today I notice she is having difficulty breathing, she has had anti air sac mite protection, so I fear, she has the nasty form of canary pox.