Hashing with Mamarazzi! Spanish countryside

Chirivel Hot Hash

Today we travelled to the San Luis restaurant in Chirivel for the Hash. There were only 4 people who regularly run so when we made a circle, it was decided to make it a fusion Hash. So after the 3 Hares gave the “chalk talk” stating the trail marks were made of salt we all set off together.

The runners found the walkers pace a little slow and how they suffered listening to the mix of catch-up and gossip we walkers chatter about. Likewise the walkers found it moderately interesting following the markers, most found it tedious checking for false trails, the shouting and whistle blowing.Although I have described it as a hot Hash, there was a pleasant breeze and plenty of water stops especially for the dogs.

The local Spanish people were very friendly, especially the chap who knew “Non cents”. We walked out of the town then through a shooting range and motocross field, there was evidence of many spent shotgun cartridges and clays for clay pigeon shooting.

We eventually made our way back to the restaurant for the circle, the welcome beer, crisps and more fun.