Hashing with Mamarazzi!

Santa Maria “Sugar Loaf Mountain” hash

I’m writing in place of Mamarazzi, I wouldn’t even attempt to emulate her style, so here we go: (Hashing without Mamarazzi).

The hash was set by Keyfob and Bogtrotter and I don’t remember it being classified as “rubbish” but in hashing tradition, it surely was. It was also smelly!
Meson_Rural_La_ErmitaWhere most hashes start and end – at a bar, we are drinkers with a running problem!
Church_clock_wrongWe got going shortly after 11, but someone had forgotten to wind up the church clock. It said 2.30 (dentist appointment time?)
Sugarloaf_MountainWe were soon at Sugarloaf mountain and I have yet to check the authenticity.
AlfThis is Alf, who was cooling off in the acequia (water channel), it might have been cloudy, but boy, was it hot and humid!
Stargazer_Noncents_struggleStargazer and Noncents struggling to get up a steep hill in the heat.
The_arty_picWhilst waiting for them to catch up I thought I’d go for an arty picture, then realised I was walking with a retired art teacher…
There was something very appropriate that the “religious advisor” Twohats, was making notes at the back of the Catholic Church in Santa Maria.
In the circle, Twohats named CB’s son – “SatNav”
and the on after in the bar was noisy and friendly.
Thanks to all the pigs in Santa Maria who helped to make the atmosphere so memorable on this hash!