Flora&Fauna Garden

Araneus diadematus (Image of large spider warning!)

This morning, we decided to enjoy the cooler weather, little or no rain, by continuing to tidy the garden. I picked up any fallen limes and pruned a climbing rose. I then decided to tidy up the path down to the pool and deadhead an oleander. I was putting the debris in a bucket, which I then transferred into a black bag.

I had finished stuffing carob branches into the top of the black bag, when spider1091013I noticed movement amongst the leaves and a rather large indignant spider struggled up. I called to John and he got the camera and  took some photos; I removed the branch the spider was standing on, immediately it started walking towards me, we managed to get it into a flower bed.

I came into the house and was looking at the images and with some internet research  I realised the spider was an orb weaver, I noticed that spider2091013the venom from the bite leaves blisters; I was rubbing my finger, on closer examination I saw it had a blister. I don’t think this common European garden spider enjoyed being stuffed in a black bag.

I took a precautionary antihistamine tablet and had a cup of tea, I can still feel some tingling especially in my arm, but nothing more.

The spider spent the rest of the morning sulking, disguising itself as an old flower seed head. It’s legs are very hairy, but the markings are extraordinary.