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A quiet Sunday

The weather forecast was 100% chance of rain between 6 am and noon;  we wanted to plant two new olive trees, mainly to provide privacy, but the oil is a bonus, so we spent the morning working in the garden.

Yesterday we had travelled up to hear a Christian author name Adrian Plass at Torrevieja. The two hour journey there and then back, had been rewarded with a good lunch and a very insightful and funny  talk.




The lime tree has a lot of fruit on, I have already picked and made a batch of lime marmalade. I have promised some fruit to a friend pics6061013for Tuesday. The male canaries are beginning to sing again after their moult in the summer.



pics3061013The pomegranate tree is laden with rosy fruit, although the juice is sharp, the hens enjoy pecking the pink fleshy seeds. Rio wanted to get in the picture.






Although there was actually no rain this morning, the odd showers and the lower temperatures generally have encouraged the climbing rose and the pics2061013pampas grass to flower.





pics7061013This lizard (Psammodromus algirus) looked very comfortable basking on a white stone.

Trees planted and some general tidying, completed today’s labour in the garden,  we had a a few drops of rain out of a very dark cloud about 1pm.