Food Life in Spain

Yo, Ho Ho!

After some extra buying of dried fruit and nuts I got ready to make a sloshedfruit241112Christmas cake, I prepared the ingredients..



Christmascake241112 I chopped the fruit as the raisins were rather large and  poured on copious amounts of alcohol, the zest
and juice of two oranges and left that to steep..



I creamed the sugar and butter, then added a little of the dry ingredients alternatively with the beaten eggs and the boozy fruit.


Christmascake2I carefully put the mix in the tin, I baked the cake, following the cooking times and oven heat but the cake does seem a little blackened on the edges, anyway, I poured more brandy on it and wrapped it in foil. I am leaving the cake now, and will buy some marzipan and icing to put on nearer Christmas.


I then made a Christmas pudding in the slow cooker.