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Wordsley winery!

That title is written slightly tongue in cheek, as our venture into wine making is very much in it’s infancy, although we made wine from grapes in another garden over twenty years ago. In 2017 we bought wood to make a pergola, this would help support a shade for where we have a seating area and create height. We enjoy dining al fresco especially in the summer when the family visits. That year we bought two vines, firstly a cabernet sauvignon grape and secondly a semillon white grape vine, we planted them near to the sunniest side of the frame. This is the third year the semillon has provided a few bunches of small sweet white grapes, the other vine has grown up and over the pergola, but this is the first year of grapes.

We realised that the wasps were being attracted to the ripe fruit so decided we should pick the grapes. We collected them in a bucket, they weighed over 4kilos.

In the kitchen we picked the grapes off stems, quite a sticky job, we also removed the spiders and other bugs, we then crushed the grapes, mostly between our hands, which was quite satisfying. We have ordered a wine making book from the library, which should arrive soon, we have left the skins because we would prefer a red wine. We think we will have enough for 1 demijohn.