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Wild life pond.

We started this project in August 2016, we are improving the garden, encouraging birds with feeders and nest boxes; a wild life pond felt the next step. We bought an oblong flower pot and some aquatic plants, dug a hole, we then surrounded the pot with bricks and plants.

I visited a local garden centre and I noticed dwarf waterlilies for sale, I decided if the pond was successful, I would like to enlarge the pond area so that I could buy a water lily.

During the winter and spring we enjoyed seeing the birds drinking the pond water, there was interesting larvae and the aquatic plants were establishing.

I arranged to pick up some frogspawn in February, we arrived home in the dark, we shone a torch into the water to guide the contents of the bucket into the pond and to our amazement saw a newt swimming round, we carefully placed the frogspawn in. As the tadpoles started hatching out we began planning to make the area bigger.

We were given a piece of pond liner, we decided to dig the hole to fit the liner, we wanted a deep part, a shelf for some of the aquatic plants, a beach for amphibians to walk in and out and birds to drink and bathe. We had considered a preformed pond too.

The flower pot – now removed

As there were now two newts and lots of tadpoles we decided to place the flower pot pond inside the new larger one. We cut a slot in the plastic pot to allow movement between the ponds.

The tadpoles are growing they still have their tails.



The Nymphaea Aurora water lily is in position.