Hashing with Mamarazzi! Spanish countryside

Volcanic Hash



We met up on the service road parallel to the autovia, we managed to find shade under some trees, overlooking the Valle del Este golf complex . We made a circle, the hares gave their instructions, which were comprehensive. We set off, looking out for volcanic-hash7110514tortoises, rabbits and volcanic rocks.






The runners soon scooted in front, the walkers followed on.One of the walkers (Big nuts) kept his dignity but fell in a volcanic-hash5110514rabbit hole.


We didn’t see any rabbits nor sadly tortoises.





volcanic-hash3110514Dorothy posed on a volcanic rock.









As we headed back to the start, we walked along a  verdant water course, with more of the evidence volcanic-hash1110514of volcanic rocks. The temperatures were over 30ºC, it felt pretty warm. The runners nearly caught us up as we arrived back to the cars.



A cold drink was welcome as we  formed a circle, to compensate for a lack of bar for refreshments and the on-after, the hares kindly provided, chorizo slices, pate and olives, they can be hares any time.volcanic-hash110514


2 replies on “Volcanic Hash”

Lovely to see you. Thanks for bringing the book. 🙂 Great photos.Sorry the tortugas were non evident! Saw one the next day, must have been all the noise keeping them away ! LOLxx