Hashing with Mamarazzi! Spanish countryside

Vera Hash

Vera HashWe parked at the back of the bullring at Vera as instructed. It looked showery and it was blustery, with a view over the Mediterranean.

We set off down the road with anticipation, looking forward to aVera hash 1 good Hash. We soon went off road, clambering along a steep embankment beside a dual carriageway.


Vera hash 2


Looking out for red paint splodges, marking the way, the path deteriorated, there was quite a lot of confusion. As we wandered round the less attractive areas, that Vera has to offer. With a mixture of smells and weaving through piles of rubbish, we hardly climbed every mountain, but we did ford the stream.Vera hash 3






We arrived back at the start for the highlight!Vera hash 4




The runners took ages to get back and sadly all the crisps had gone – shame.