Garden Tales from the menagerie! Timbrado canaries

The progress of new canary. (Polly)

polly160312The new canary showed little interest in nesting in a small cage, so after introducing her to some of the other canaries I put her in the aviary. Most of the nests have canary hens sitting on eggs, the new female, I have named her Polly, was hopping round a quieter area of the avairy, I moved a vacant nest to that position. Having used bird psychology, I was pleased to see her showing a great deal of interest in the nest; subsequently an old belligerent orange hen called Marigold started to shoo her away, but I solved that problem by temporarily removing Marigold.

Fortunately Polly is now searching the aviary for material to line the nest, I put in pampas grass fronds. I would think, as I bought her from the pet shop, this is her first breeding  season, she does appear to be getting on with it.