The photography show

ps240315The photography show was held at the National exhibition centre, Birmingham from the 21st to the 24th March. Our son was keen to go, so we accompanied him.

ps2240315We went on the final day, there was still a lot of interest, the car parks and exhibition areas were very busy. With a mix of trade stands and stalls it was possible to try before you buy. I was surprised to find a tripod at £600, but I suppose it was strong and lightweight, but more expensive than my camera.

ps3240315The show catered for aspiring amateurs and professionals too. It was encouraging to see the photographic skills of the under 30s.

ps4240315There were many tutorials, including on lighting, capturing the perfect bridal image, opportunities to photograph a boxing scene, but this actor, being put through his paces,  dressed as a futuristic mad hatter, attracted my attention.

We walked miles, found inspiration, but didn’t buy anything, our son bought this extremely good lens, we realised when he used it, we probably should have bought something similar.

Here are a few more views from the show, taken by John as we went around the hall:

Lots of amateur and professional photographers were milling around looking for bargains. There were lectures from experts showing how to get the very best from equipment and software. This picture of a colourful jar set display was taken as an example of short depth of field. And finally, a view of one of the exhibition stands showing prize winning pictures.

We both had a very good day!

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There were some tempting price reductions, it was helpful to be able to try the lens on the camera body. Really interesting, if photography is a hobby or a profession.

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