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The next generation

We are rather pleased with the number and varieties of birds in the garden, The mixed seed feeder rarely has a visitor, but the nyger seed feeder regularly has goldfinches greedily pecking the seeds. The bird table is visited by pairs of wood pigeons, blackbirds and robins.



The pair of robins (Erithacus rubecula),  have been the boldest and the friendliest. Whilst washing up this morning, out the kitchen window we were delighted to see these two birds looking for food, then an adult fledgrob2flew down to help feed one of the youngsters. These fledgling’s chest feathers beginning to turn the red orange that the robin is so recognized by.






The garden is surrounded by tall trees, bursting into buds and leaves, there is blossom on smaller shrubs. A pair of chaffinches and a pair of wrens fledgrob4flit into the garden to collect feathers, grass and other nest building material including cobwebs. The air is filled with bird song from dawn to dusk.


We had to go out for more mealy worms today, the young robin was very grateful and came up close to where we were sitting outside for this picture:

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